Fashion Dog Beds for Your Great Companions

Fashion pet dog beds for your stylish pet. Stylish, comfortable and portable, your favorite pet dog companion couldn't ask for anything more.

Midwest MW Quiet Time Pet Beds

Extra Thick and Comfy Ideal for use in wire crates, plastic carriers & dog houses. Keeps pets cool in the summer & warm in the winter.

Nature Nap Bed

Perfect dreams start with the perfect bed! Made from soft and cozy berber fabric, this is where dreams begin. Unlike other beds, our custom designed berber has a poly-knit backing that interlocks the fibers to add strength and reduce shedding without sacrificing softness.

Framed Dog Beds

The perfect place for your dog to sleep. Each bed has a foldable aluminum frame with height adjustment. The machine washable, durable cover has zippered closures allowing the cover to be removed and cleaned.
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